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ICEWELL refrigeration

Professional and dedicated supplier of commercial refrigeration equipment

Hotline : 400-8798-001

Foshan City air refrigeration equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in December 22, 2012, located in the historic city, Foshan City, Nanhai District Shishan Industrial Park C area, covering an area of 15000 square meters.

Through the joint efforts and continuous development of all the employees of ICEWELL company, the company has grown into a large-scale integration of research and development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service in the integration of the refrigeration equipment manufacturers.

At present, ICEWELL refrigerator has more than 150 people, with a strong R & D team, advanced production technology, strict quality control system and modern management mode, the implementation of the 6S management system, and the strict training of Yat Sen sound field technical workers to ensure the high quality of each product factory.

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Icewell, an excellent supplier of commercial refrigeration equipment in China, is an integrated refrigeration equipment manufacturing enterprise with independent professional R & D, production, sales and after-sales service. For a long time, it provides the best solutions for the customers with professional refrigeration, refrigeration and display and storage.